Crush ignored facebook request?

my crush starred at me at collage and smiled at me but never approached me so we have NEVER spoken so we don't even know each others name.

collage is over now and I feel that he won't be there next year (maybe changing collage, finished course, etc)
so i might never see him again.

I found him on facebook, sent a request and notice he's been online but ignored my request.
we have mutual freinds so it's not like I seemed like a full stranger.

all I can think is maybe he didn't reconise me in my profile pic? Or instead of starring at me cos he may have liked me, it was infact a bad thing that he was starring, like was only starring because I was just too ugly to ignore :p

i done the whole cancel request and resend but nothing... And I don't really wanna message him cos then I feel like I'm stalking him?:L
Need a opinion on this situation XD should I try get a better profile pic? Move on... im so lost


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  • First of all - Guys can be looking at things but their mind is elsewhere - Message him to find out how he feels for your own peace of mind.

  • A lot of people are very particular about whom they allow as FB friends. I know I am.


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