Bobbi Brown is said to be a vegetable now. Did her parents, Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, fail her?

Did Bobbi Brown screw up her own life or was she doomed with the parents she had? They all had money, fame, access and influence.

I think her parents failed her.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • She was old enough to make her own choices. It was her fault. There are plenty of children who come from homes rife with drugs that come out well.

    • I do feel sorry for her though. And I will add that her upbringing may have influenced her behavior so her parents are partly to blame, though she is majorly.

    • My wife came from tough circumstances and she would feel as you do but I dont know.

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What Girls Said 2

  • You can't blame her parents she was a grown woman and made her own decisions.

    • True, but she grew up with messed up parents who were drug addicts and much more. They made her into the woman she became ids my thought. Different parents, different ending.

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    • I see your point.

    • Some people have great parents and turn out to be shitty people, some people have horrible parents and turn out great. People are responsible for their own actions and behaviors.

  • While she did not grow up in a functional family unit, she is ultimately responsible for her own life.


What Guys Said 2

  • It amazes that so many people chase fame relentlessly when the casualties appear on our media everyday.

    • Yes, it seems that getting everything you want is toxic.

  • Yes, i blame her parents, her Dad was an idiot and her Mother turned into a Crackhead, her daughter is wonderfully copying her actions and it's clear she will end up like her.