Personal comments are deleted by mods being in the excuse of so called offensive/antagonist, but why personal questions remains and not removed?

Isn't this double policy and duplicity of GAG?
Ex: of these questions are:
1. With whom your mom have sex?
2. Are you legitimate child?
3. How many people have slept with you?
4. How would you feel if your mother do double Penetration?
5. How does Your sister masturbates?

And many more questions are not removed by the novice mods and admins, isn't this injustice and atrocities of GAG system and mods?


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  • There are three different types of moderators on GAG: Moderators, Super Moderators, and Uber Moderators.

    Regular moderators cannot hide questions, they can only hide opinions and comments on opinions. You must be at least a Super Moderator to be able to hide questions.

    There are many more regular moderators than there are Super and Uber moderators.

    So, if a moderator comes across an offensive/antagonistic question, they may not be able to remove the question itself, and so they may just report it and delete the problematic opinions and comments within the question.

    I'm not 100% sure how reported questions are dealt with, but I can say that as a Super Moderator, I don't get notified if a question is reported. I assume that they go directly to admins to decide whether or not they should be removed (and of course, there are fewer admins than there are moderators).

    Mods don't get paid, we just surf GAG just like anyone else does, except that we have the ability to hide things that break the rules. Sometimes there are things that we don't see, or sometimes there are things that we see, but we don't have the power to hide based on our mod level.


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  • I must move in wrong circles I never see any of these - The neutral brief given to mods is to remove anything generally offensive especially bearing in mind there are users as young as 13 on site.

    • Check the section of sexual behavior now, you will find 2/3 questions right now like these.

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    • I was just showing you proof about my claim

    • I know what you are saying that you were using them as examples.

  • Well, nipple clamps.

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