Is Windsor ON a good place to live?


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  • I enjoyed living in Windsor as a student. I enjoyed walking/rollarblading along the riverside, there were a lot of little bars I enjoyed going to. Rent was reasonable (or at least, it seems really cheap compared to the amount of I pay for rent in Toronto---I pay twice as much here compared to Windsor for a 1 bedroom apartment). But a big part of the reason why I liked it was probably because I had a lot of good friends there, my family lives there, and I didn't have much to compare it to (having lived in the Windsor area since I was 8).

    There's not a whole lot to do in Windsor---there's restaurants, bars/nightclubs, the mall, movie theatres.. there's a few festivals in the summer (in Windsor and the surrounding area). Kind of basic. Although, being right across the river from Detroit, you can also go stateside for shopping, concerts, etc.

    The city is kind of drab; not very exciting or pretty. Going back, I always feel like it's quite flat and grey. There are a few pockets of prettiness (for example, by the river, as I mentioned).

    Windsor isn't very pedestrian-friendly. It can be difficult to get around without a car, and the public transportation system isn't very good (a lot of buses don't run very frequently, and they stop running pretty early; it's especially hard to get around on Sundays). It's easier to get around if you live close to downtown, but a lot harder the further out you go.

    Cost of living isn't too bad, but Windsor has a high unemployment rate (11%), so if you're planning on setting down roots in Windsor, I'm not sure if it would be your best bet. Obviously it depends on what your profession is. Windsor is a blue collar city, lots of automotive workers, but that industry isn't doing to great; lots of people getting laid off or losing their jobs. Some people will live in Windsor, but work across the border (I know a fair number of nurses who do that).

    Oh, and Windsor is one of the worst cities for air quality. The pollution/smog is really bad. It has some of the highest rates for respiratory cancers, and cardiovascular and immune disorders in the province.

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    • I live in Midland (about 4h away) but when I go down there for a face to face interview, I will check out the city

    • what places do you recommend I go tour around?

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  • It just depends on where you live in Ontario really. I don't recommend Windsor, but I hear Toronto, London, and Burlington are nice cities.