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Okay so I was playing out scenarios in my head if I were to take that leap of faith to ask this one girl... Ahem... Just introduce myself to this one girl I find very attractive in my tutoring center.
My biggest fear isn't rejection. It's the fact she would assume I'm an old man trying to hit on her, "creeper". I'm 21 but I always have been told, at least since high school, I look 30 to 40 years old.

Do you think it's selfish of me to want a girl my own age even though I appear older and she would then be seen by others as "seeing someone who is way to old for her"?

Do you think I should instead look for a girl who is 30-50 years old? I'm not attracted to that. It seems like the less selfish thing to do though.


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  • First of all, you really don't look like an old man. Based on your picture, I would guess your age to be like 25 -- not 30 and definitely not 40.

    I think getting new glasses would be a good idea. Something with thicker, darker frames, like this: The ones you have on in your pic do look a little outdated and old mannish. Otherwise, you look completely fine. It looks like you have a cool style, which is a major plus in my book so keep that up.

    Anyway, of course you are allowed to date girls your own age. Sounds like you need to build some confidence in yourself. Maybe try working out; get those happy endorphins flowing and you'll not only benefit from the physical aspect, but also a mental one.

    • hehehe XD yeah I've had these glasses for a few years. I actually want to get lasik so I can wear sunglasses again. We'll see.
      I'm not "out of shape" in a sense. I'm not in shape either. My style? hmm, I don't know. That picture was from winter so it was just a flannel with a jacket and jeans. Actually... I fucking rock the style.

      But yeah, I play soccer, wakeboard, waterski, learning basketball, ride bikes, learning how to use a unicycle for some reason, and played rugby. I just need motivation to get out and work out. When I don't have that motivation it's very hard to get me to do anything. And I think I've hit a point in life where I can't be my only motivation. I need that feeling like there is a purpose to what I'm doing. Coincidently, that's why I've been thinking about relationships a lot.

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    • sounds like you're*

    • Meh, I've developed a belly. A nice soft belly though. ;)
      I'm basically a bear that likes to cuddle

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  • Stop thinking about what other people say. Don't ask anyone out, ask them to join you instead.

    • What do you mean?

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    • O. o hmm still confused. You must be good looking or something.
      From my experience most ugly people like myself are met with harsh ridicule.
      To muster that kind of confidence on such low self esteem... Only a miracle can help

    • I spoke in detail and you ignored it. Each word has a meaning that entire volumes of books have been written on like the ego. People think they know what an ego is but they do not. The relationship with the ego and the soul is rich and if you do not understand it, you then would not have a clue.

      Low self esteem is ego generated and does not exist in nature. You were taught this. No I am not handsome but, don't tell anyone. I am what I think I am. I am forever thankful and grateful. So many people do not have a clue what grateful means or the power in the word. I must end, good night and good luck.

  • Bro.. I'd give u an advice.. Coz i used to be a lot like you.. Few times in life.. U just need to stop caring about what people think.. Trust me.. It helps

    • Easier said then done XD I wish I had a class with her or something but I doubt there will be anything in common 😥

  • I also work at my colleges tutoring center :D another fellow tutor hi man!

    Nah, it's not selfish but you should take the leap of faith. But if you do want to look a bit more your age try shaving, a lot of guys our ages don't have beards and mustaches, and dress your age also

    • I do both. I trim it a lot. I look 10 times worse with a shaved beard. I have everything I need to look my best. I'm still ugly as fuck, but I can at least look 80% less ugly.

      And I'm not a tutor. She just tutors one older guy then leaves. I wouldn't know how to even get her attention.

      I'd probably pass out. I can talk to girls if it's a forced situation, like "is this the right plane?" Then having a conversation from there.

      But interjecting myself into her situation I don't know and can't do. It would be rude to interrupt. And I would look even more of a creep if I followed her out to ask her when she is done.

    • Yeah, that happens a lot to our female tutors at our tuto ring center :3 and a few male tutors, we have so few male tutors D:

      You will be surprised I want a tutor for my center till sophomore and I got to them everyone so well, it starts with a hi. The worst part they graduate so fast ;_;

  • No go for who you are attracted to

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