What do you think when you hear someone fart?

Please don't be mean, I am just wanting opinoins and only posted this as a bit of fun. :)

  • I piss myself with laughter, Farts are hilarious they always have been and they always will be no matter how old I get. I don't know why people are so up tight about it.
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  • They are neither funny or not gross.
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  • They are gross, ewwww, people need to have respect and not fart near others.
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  • Other, please explain.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Well I think the can make for an awkward moment that's for sure lol sometimes I will pretend I didn't hear it and just keep talking to avoid it, not like I'm going to be all "ewe gross did you just toot?" In the middle of conversation. But I guess it depends who it is because if is my best friend I'd probably pick at her with " sheez you're so nasty!" Comment but she knows I'd be kidding with her :) but I've never been one to bust out laughing at the mention of the word fart.. that's just me though. I still know plenty of people that do lol

    • Yeah I could imagine after you said "shez you're so nasty!" to your friend she would laugh and make some comment back to you. :) If I was around a girl and she farted around me I would not be all grossed out like some guys are. It is a natural bodily function that girls need to do to so why judge a girl for it or make her feel bad about it. That is how I feel. :)

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    • Apparently my "bf" changed to boyfriend? That was supposed to mean best-friend :)

      Well at least you know how to be a gentleman about it. As a teen I probably would have crawled in my shoe but now that I'm older I've learned to just laugh at goof ups instead of be embarrassed :) use it as an excuse to make fun of an otherwise awkward situation haha

      I've heard those girls. When they do it they're proud of it lmbo right up there with burping the alphabet or sounding a fog horn sheez I don't know how they do it lol!

    • Hey, well the way I see it is like this if a girl holds it in it is going against nature, it is unhealthy and the girl gets a sick, sore and bloated tummy. I don't want the girl to make herself feel sick over something that is perfectly normal for her to be doing and that is why I would rather she actually just farted when she needed to. May seem weird but it is normal for girls to do it to.

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What Girls Said 1

  • No matter what, I'll laugh. I don't care if it's highly immature, I find it hilarious. Though, when people try to ignore it even though they obviously heard it, that makes it way funnier because I find awkward situations the funniest. Haha I don't know, I think it's just the fact that it's so sudden and you don't expect it. I guess I become 5 again, when it comes to farts.

    • It is not immature. Farts are hilarious. There is no point getting up tight about farts as we all have to do it. Just have fun is what I say. :)

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    • I am also not the type of guy that goes ewwww gross when girls do it either. I would just tease her, have fun with her and let her know that it is fine. :)

    • I usually make a comment like "Don't tear it I'll take the lot" or "More tea vicar?"

What Guys Said 2

  • I just laugh, I know juvenile

    • I think having a sense of humour about it is good. It is always good to laugh about it rather than be up tight about it.

  • Nothing like a bit of good British toilet humour to lift the mood farts are hilarious especially when it is inappropriate like in an elevator or a closed space and it is loud...