Whos gonna watch the new Grand Theft Auto movie "Game Changer" that comes out in 2016?

Well not me! People thats exactly what it is "a game changer". If you're ready to see a live action Tommy or CJ, then you're in the wrong theater. This new GTA movie is more like Harry Potter (now creator of GTA) vs the guy from Twister (who will play a lawyer that can't stand the violence that GTA ensues). If you liked movies like The Social Network (about the creator of Facebook) and Jobs (about the creator of Apple) then I'm sure you'll like this. I, on the other hand, will pass...

  • I still plan to watch this law battle documentary.
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  • I'm not watching this. We want a real action movie!
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No just no


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  • I am looking forward to seeing it

    • Its just a documentary/biography though... But I guess if you're into that

    • Thanks for MHO

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