Why do people do this to me?

People know that I like this girl and last week I put a meme on Instagram saying "if you really know me, comment something I'd say" and people commented stuff that I usually say but them my friend puts the girls name on there and tags her.

Then yesterday I added a picture of me winning the cup with my football team and this other guy that she's apparently "talking to" tagged the girl in the comments.

can someone explain to me why they do that?


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  • they are just trying to help you out


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  • He is trying to help you out in asking the girl to put a comment to show what she thinks of you or open some communication between you and the girl - He is being a good friend.

    • But when I mentioned the picture with the cup, the guy that tagged her in it she is talking to him as in more than just friends that's why I'm confused!!!