80s music poll: Your favorite album by The Smiths/Morrissey/All About Eve?

Although The Smiths were very popular didn’t like any of their albums much tbh. Generally I was always considered them, an overrated band. Although “How Soon Is Now?”’s an awesome song. After their break-up Morrissey followed a solo-career and Johnny Marr formed Electronic with New Order’s singer Bernard Sumner in da 90s. A really good side-project!

All About Eve were another alternative rock band from dat era where they had some success during da l8 80s, and scorin a UK top 10 hit wid “Martha’s Harbour”. Their album “Scarlet and Other Stories” had a few good other songs.

  • The Smiths (The Smiths)
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  • Meat Is Murder (The Smiths)
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  • The Queen Is Dead (The Smiths)
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  • Strangeways, Here We Come (The Smiths)
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  • Viva Hate (Morrissey)
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  • All About Eve (All About Eve)
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  • Scarlet And Other Stories (All About Eve)
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I LOVE SMITHS <3 I can not choose.
    I voted C.
    But I LOVE The Smiths (The Smiths) Meat Is Murder (The Smiths) too.

    • i prefer Johnny Marr's side-project wid Bernard Sumner, called Electronic actually. ever listened 2 them? :D

    • no i did not :) i note them down :)
      thanks for MHO :)

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  • I would have to say Viva Hate by Morrissey - Some my mates loved The Smiths but I never quite got but I liked Morrissey's debut solo album.

  • The smiths are quite good ^_^