Why aren't many Muslims protesting much against ISIS and Saudi Arabia?

ISIS is killing so many Muslims.

Saudi Arabia is bombing Yemen. Unlike Israel, Saudi doesn't even try to stop innocent civilians dying

Why don't Muslims protest much when it's Muslims not non Muslims killing Muslims? They get upset about America, Israel, Burma?


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  • Why would they? Their "official" goal (although unofficial one is greatly different) is to establish a worldwide caliphate where muslims will rule over infidels.
    I bet every muslim out there would like it, so why would they protest about it, asides from upholding a myth it's a "religion of peace"?


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  • I've heard many Muslims protest against ISIS. The issue is that no one's giving them the voice or media representation for it to be effective.

    • Nowhere near as much as protests against Israel America

    • I think probably because ISIS are a renegade group. What America can do is worse than what ISIS can do. America has a better army, with greater numbers and better weapons, so its slaughter is more effective. It's also supposed to be civilised and follow rules whereas ISIS is a renegade group and that's not expected of them so it's less of an outrage.

    • Because isis protected by america and israel. And what makes difficult to face them is there are civilians

  • we protest actually


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  • I have seen muslims protesting about it.

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