Why are some people good drinkers while others become mean, disorganized or even violent?

No matter how much I drink, I'm still able to hold a normal conversation. I can keep going on all night till simply getting tired and sleepy. At worst, I'll just get more quiet and tired but not loud nor bitchy.

Even at my most super hammered state ever of a social gathering, all I did was tell my cousin to take me home and said bye to everyone. Yes, I probably did have trouble walking and threw up in the following day but still was fully aware of my surrounding and never caused problems to anyone.

I'm still nice to everyone even if I were super drunk.


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  • There are some people that just don't process things the same way as others (tequilla and some red wines have some different things in them that a lot of people just don't handle *at all*)

    *nobody* can keep it all together "no matter how much they drink"

    And some people are just assholes underneath a thin cobmvering of civility that liquor easily strips away...

    • Well yes off course I wouldn't be able to drive nor walk straight after many drink but what I meant is I don't get into fights, nor hook up with random nor anything crazy; nothing like those messed-up stories I hear about.

    • that's what I mean when I said that no matter how much I drink, I'm still me and not some crazy person.

    • Well anyway (😄) some people can't process alcohol, or certain types if alcohol as well as others, and others are just assholes wrapped in a thin layer of personability that alcohol strips away

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  • That is one of the biggest mysteries and not even that some people become mean only on certain types of alcohol.

  • My theory has always been that since drinking can lower inhibitions people's natural personalities come out after becoming intoxicated.

    I also feel that a lot of people use being drunk as an excuse. For example a lot of girls want to have sex but also care very much about their reputation and what people will think of them if they sleep a round. So go out and have fun and use being drunk as the reason for their actions.

    Some guys like being assholes and will get drunk and blame that for their bad behavior.

    Just my two cents.

    • Thanks. In the end it does makes me wonder ''wow so this person isn't who I really thought they were''. I never stopped losing my manners even when hammered.

  • People's brains are wired differently. I never get violent when I'm drunk.

    • true.. I guess as someone else mentioned it must be partly genetics. My mother's has always been a passive, docile child and my father is naturally shy (he got better with age but can still be shy in some gatherings).

    • How do you act drunk? I like to say I really feel about everything lol

    • same as if I were talking to someone now, certain times even more quiet and sweeter; never had any complains from others so far

  • When someone is drunk, that is their "true behavior":

    • True. I never stopped being losing my manners even when hammered. All those fighting, cheating and out of control stories of drunkards does make me wonder ''damn what type of person was he/she in the first place''.

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  • Because those that become violent are those drinking to mask the pain or hurt they are feeling inside.
    The ugliness comes out when they drink alcohol.
    Also, some people just cannot handle their liquor!!!
    It also depends on what the person drinks and how fast they drink it.

  • Genetics. Some people can just process it better. The people in my dad's family get all lovey-dovey as they drink. You see a bunch of grown men hugging on each other and saying "I love you man!!!" My mom's family is the opposite: they all get mean and violent and have even been known to pull weapons on each other.
    The key is knowing yourself and being responsible. If you know you get violent: then you should make the decision not to touch alcohol.

    • Yeah my mother has always been described as a passive and docile child (to the point that she never needed stricter discipline) and my father is a natural shy man... his social skills has gotten better with age but he can still be shy at some gatherings.

    • There's a reason why there are a lot of nationality stereotypes when it comes to drinking. Certain genetic make-ups just can't handle it. Look at Native Americans for instance: they legitimately cannot handle alcohol as well as other races.

  • You got nothing to hide so your conscience is clean when alcohol scans any hidden truth in your blood, it shall reveal!

    Alcohol is like truth serum and it will unleash the beast of pains, that person has so masterfully hide while being sober. Emotional pain may not be seen of felt by hands but it could be felt by the heart and mind.

  • Alcohol effects people's brain chemicals in different ways, meaning everyone will act differently under the influence.

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