Ladies and Gents, what kind of pets do you have? The more unique the better?

Personally I want to hear from the ladies, you girls have the most unique pets usually.

I have fish (many) and a cat.
Coming soon! Trapdoor spider, dat frogs, scorpion, and more fish.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I have a tortoise. He has been with me for a year and a half and he's my little sunshine. I love him so much :3 Every night I bring him in to sleep under my bed where it's warm and during the day I take him out and cover him with leaves if it's not raining. I try to give him a natural diet and give him lots of flowers and sometimes a "salad plate". A salad plate is when I take lettuce as a plate and then put small tomatoes and cucumber rings on it and give it to him ^_^

    So yeah that's my little guy and he doesn't have a name :P I don't know what to call him 0_o


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What Girls Said 3

  • I don't have any now that I live away from home :/ But at home, I had dogs, fish, a rabbit, frogs and toads, a few types of snakes, tortoises, geckos and a tarantula :)

  • 6 cats and 1 dog. My dad also has hens, goats, sheep, birds, bunnies but I considered them pets. "Mine" mine are only the cats. :)

  • Currently i have 2 dogs.
    In the past I've owned; snakes, fish, lizards, ferrets, a cat and a parrot.
    I've also acted as a foster home to sick/injured animals until they are healthy enough to be released (or transferred to a zoo). Some of those animals included; alligators, pelicans, raccoons, opossums, iguanas, owls and foxes.


What Guys Said 3

  • I have microorganisms living in my body... Thousands of them are my pets

  • I have a cat! :D

  • lol a gimp