Is clove oil effective to euthanize fish?

I need to euthanize a fish. I heard that some anesthesia called MS222 is the best for this but I can't find it anywhere, and it would probably be expensive anyway. The other option is clove oil. Has anyone ever done this and if so, is it effective? In case you want to know, it's an old fish with a congenital disease (probably from inbreeding) that doesn't want to eat anymore. I can either destroy it or watch it slowly starve to death, which is depressing and maybe inhumane.

Fish finally died this morning and is at peace and didn't linger longer, fortunately. I gave it a little grave in the garden.


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  • What about consulting a vet

    • A vet would only euthanize it, and it would be very expensive because they'd have to come here.

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  • just let it die on its own time

    • It could be suffering and it's not natural. It was inbred by people.

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    • In this case it's pretty certain that it's inbreeding because I know the signs. Its spine got so deformed that it can't eat. It's been sitting on the tank floor for a week just gasping.

    • well... id let her live out her life.

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  • Get ice water, hold the fish, and then submerge its head in the glass. It should die instantaneously.

    • You have fish and have done this? According to what I've read you have to submerge the whole fish and then put it in the freezer for a while. If the clove oil works that seems easier and surer.

    • I've done this before. The shock killed mine instantly.

      If you want to do the clove oil thing, though, then do it. I only did the ice thing because I didn't have clove oil on me at the time.

  • Call a vet! :D

    • That's too expensive.

    • If they would sell me the MS222 directly that would be good, but I doubt they will.

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