If a guy likes a girl, does that mean he has a crush on that girl?

I Like a girl
I have a crush on a girl

are They the same?

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What Guys Said 2

  • If it is a romantic like then it is a crush.

  • I don't see any difference except for the word.


What Girls Said 2

  • I like my friends, but that isn't the same thing as a crush because I don't want to date them Lol. Having a crush means that you not only like someone, but you like them in a way where you'd want to date them.

  • I'm the only one who thinks that it's not the same? I like a cat. I don't have a crush on it ! It's not the same!

    • That's why it says if a GUY LIKES A GIRL

    • It's not the same thing to me. I like someone as in, he looks cute or he's a cool person so yeah.. It doesn't mean I have a crush on him.

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