I overthink way too much? Help?

My problem is that I overthink and at the end I get stressed out from something that has no importance in my life. I overthink about why the guy I like who keeps staring at me. I ask myself Did I stare too much? And I keep on remembering what happened 4 months ago. When did I see him and how and where how did I look at him and after that what did I do for the past 2 months was I creepy or what. Of course he noticed and oh nooo he didn't. I don't know it's killing me because it has no importance in my life. I always ask myself this question who is he? There is nothing wrong with eye contact? It's ok and he's no one and then I go back to the beginning and keep on remembering. The thing it is so confusing to an extant no one can imagine. One time you find him standing watching me from far away other times when he's next to me just a glance He's always watching. Please help me people.. I need to stop overthinking it's nothing it's just eye contact. I have a confidence issue so maybe I can't believe myself that the guy I like keeps staring at me a lot? I fill my time, but u still keep thinking.
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  • eye contact means a lot actually, and if he does then yeah he likes u... wot makes u feel he doesn't do?

    • Because I am the one who started looking a lot at him. Yes, he's been single since high school, but why would he like me that girl why me. Ps: he's 22!
      He watches me in a way that any girl for sure would think that he likes her, but because I was the one who started looking and maybe I grabbed his attention so i don't think so. Another reason he's too handsome. :)

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    • "Maybe cause I like him?"<---- mhm... this!
      "u as a guy would u stare tooooo much at the girl that likes you?" <--- if i liked her back as well, then sure i'd do

    • Hahaha too confusing, but thank you for your help :)))

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  • I think we all expierenced emotions like that when we had a crush.

    • Yes, it seems like that and it's horrible when your crush keeps staring back at you!

  • Just work on your confidence issues and learn how to breath once in a while

    • I am trying.. But it's too hard for me. I am always titled that girl with that amazing body, but you know what that girl is not even convinced of what people say.
      Thank you for your help!

  • Focus on your body

    • In what way do u mean?

    • Like work out and just focus on breathing and feeling the exercise at least that's what I'm practicing because I think a lot too sometimes

    • Ahhhh got you! Will try my best thank you so much! :)

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  • You sound like me. I over think and analyze everything like crazy. It's hard to turn off but it's good in some ways. Anyway, instead of thinking so much, just do something about it. Talk to the guy who is looking at you and see where it goes from there. Just thinking about things will not change anything but actions will.

    • I decided that when the fall semester starts and if he kept looking and should get to know him, but if he stopped It means nothing who knows! Actually I was unusual they way he used to look. I keep telling myself that it's nothing to worry about :) what do you think?

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    • Would he just act like that because he's curious about the girl who likes him?
      I have to stop overthinking and wait until I get the chance to talk to him.
      Sometimes I may think he likes me, but the problem is that he dated a girl hat doesn't share the same religion and left her for that. We share the same problem.
      Who knows!! Thank youuuu girl💋

    • You're welcome. I hope everything turns out well for you. :)

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