If a flying saucer was invented that goes as fast as UFO's would tickets for airplane rides be cheaper?

So what do you think obviously assuming that the UFO's were as fast as the ones in the non fictional stories.


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  • what the hell are you asking?

    are you asking if somehow we learned to fly at near light speed would airplane tickets be cheaper?

    that's a pretty dumbass question my friend

    1. if we had anything close to that tech there would be no airplanes
    2. a UFO is an airplane just (fictionally) more advanced
    3. there is no nonfiction ufo stories because nobody has ever seen one

    • Not really as there are trains and cars and different types of transportation and not everybody would probably be able to afford a UFO ride.
      And you don't know if UFO's are fake or not as you have never been to every planet or different galaxy
      since your already a douche I am gonna treat you like garbage now and expose you.

    • dude... a UFO is just a "unidentified flying object" and a plane is a "identified object" there is no difference other than knowing

      but you ask if we had this tech if planes rides would be cheaper... this is a dumb question because a UFO is a plane just "futuristic" as technology progresses planes will turn into "UFO's"

      and no it would a lot more expensive for a plane (as you know it) by that point because a UFO would have such advanced engines that the fuel consumption and efficiency would make it a small fraction of the price to run big turbine engines

      and yes i do believe in aliens it'd be ignorant not too but i don't believe some hyper advanced aliens came to earth's inner atmosphere just to flash some lights and fly around

    • if aliens knew of our existence they'd just scan our whole planet from some massive distance... it would be equivalent to us using a satellite to view a moose from outer space

      the moose could only see the ground in front of it and would have absolutely no way of seeing the satellite or even know of its existence

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  • I would imagine. The rates would have to hit rock bottom to keep people riding planes when flying saucers would be available.

    • could you describe the difference between a plane and a UFO please?

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    • @bob111111 a plane is an identified flying object hahaha sorry :D
      (Opinion owner got it right)

    • so a UFO can move like a helicopter is what your saying?

      or a jet fighter that can turn very quickly?

      a UFO is just an "alien" airplane is my point it's just much more advanced and as you look as technology progresses all of those attribute have improved and they will improve until they are a UFO's quality

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  • I think it should

  • It has to take a long time because such technology cannot go viral immediately.