Crazy philosophical question?

ok hypothetical senario

you can control time (go backwards and fowards however you wanted)

and are immortal

so basically you are unnafected by any decay of yourself as well as the world

when this happened would you become infinitely intelligent? and as a result of infinite intelligence infinitely powerful?

if no tell me why not
if yes then shutup because we agree

OOOOOooooo this made me think of another good question will post will post in a sec

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  • A lack of decay doesn't equate an increase in capacity! :D

    • why? knowledge increases with time that is a fact not only personally but also as a species

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    • But! I need to go. So, goodnight, and thanks for playing with me. :)

    • well i am interjecting points obviously but like i said both of us are just saying opinions and neither of can ever prove the other wrong

      and the only thing that can alter an opinion is absolute facts and since we have absolutely no facts by default both opinion are correct

      my only issue is you keep saying we "can't" or it's impossible and i believe there is no limit or impossibilities anywhere or anytime

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  • The brain often re-arranges itself when forming memories and the like, so you won't be infinitely intelligent, since you won't ever lose memories and eventually this will mean you will run out of any space to gain new ones. Unable to create new thoughts or memories, you'd be a potato, so actually your intelligence would be useless.
    If you time travelled to the future and extended your brain capacity artificially, then you would be as intelligent as you wanted to be.

  • Yeah probably

  • No such thing as infinite intelligence so the answer is no.