Crazy philosophical question #2?

how would a time traveler age?

is aging not the passage of time?

if someone was unnafected by that passage of time how could someone age?

and even if you did couldn't you right before you die just go back to yourself at the beginning of the time travel and tell yourself everything you learned? therefore making yourself immortal?

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  • I think you might be confusing this with a different thought experiment, the one where one brother travels with the speed of light and the other one stays back on earth.

    I agree with @LeedsDude
    If you travel through time, you're basically stuck in a bubble of time yourself. You will age with the exact same speed that you'd age had you not time travelled. You talk about frame of reference and knowing about yourself ageing but all these things actually don't matter. It doesn't matter whether you realize that you are ageing because you'll still be ageing. Time is relative but it is still objective in the sense that it applies to all people at all times at all places. Whether you're sitting here on earth or you're sitting on a planet on the other side of the universe (given this planet has the same mass and speed of earth) doesn't matter. Time will run with exactly the same speed. So, if you are stuck in the medieval times or in the 24th century doesn't matter. If it did, that would mean that medieval people aged differently than we do today and that obviously can't be the case.

    As for the going back and telling yourself about it... this is a much more complex question. As you probably know, all the time travel movies teach you to not interfere with your own past because it can lead to unforseen and sometimes terrible outcomes. But let's still assume it for a moment. So, you're 20 years old and an old guy walks up to you. He tells you that he is you, just 40 years later. He tells you your whole life story and all the things that will happen to you. Now here arises the problem. If he is able to tell you all this, it would mean that the universe works in a deterministic way. It would mean that everything's already planned out. You can't change anything. As somebody who doesn't believe in a higher power, this seems impossible to me. But then, if you COULD change some of the things, for example your 60 year old "I" told you that you'll get into a car accident and you can prevent this car accident because you know about it - it never actually happened. But if it never happened, how can your future self know about it?
    Now, to solve this you could propose the multiverse thesis. You could argue that both scenarios exist, your life with the car accident and your life without it, they're just happening in two different parallel universes. While this is theoretically possible, many paradoxical questions still arise.

    • no that first experiment you aid was relativity and has nothing to do with this at all

      also why are you in a bubble of your own time? what is the meaning of time travel if you yourself are not traveling in time? being outside the constraints of time mean you shouldn't be in a bubble at all

      and as for your next point i simply meant that you would go back and give yourself scientific information which isn't a part of your life which would make you infinitely intelligent and immortal

      now the interesting thing about if someone came back and told you about your future would be that there would be only two possibilities
      1. he is always right in which case you cannot have infinite information brought back through time as you would always live the same life just on repeat and never learn more than your future traveler
      2. as you said every time you are told of your future your future changes and this means alternate universe or parallel

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    • like this and that". And that sort of behavior kills every discussion. I know you don't want to acknowledge this but it's true. As you can see other people feel the same way about this than I do. You are the prime example of what people call in less polite words a "smartass". And I don't mean this as a personal insult. I'm just saying... somebody has to tell you this.

    • yeah sure i am i don't really deny that

      but i just don't like people saying there are rules when nobody has any idea if there are or aren't

      and sure i have tons of times someone else is right and i agree but it's always logically balanced

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  • a time traveler continues to age because regardless if they go to different times they are still the same age.

    really it's as simple as the question about people with leap years. just because they only have a BIRTHday every 4 years they're still aging day by day like you or I.

    so the time traveler is going to age based on the amount time they've spent living regardless of time travel... remember in back to the future Doc and Marty's age didn't change when they went into the past or future

    • why? are you basing factual data on back to the future?

      i don't get your leap year comparison

      but you just said they age the same based on the time they've spend living... what is their time spent living if they have no reference?

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    • well you didn't bust a hole in anything i an assure you i'm also not even sure when or where i made something in that comment to be busted

      and why do time machines travel at any speed whatsoever? i can understand from relativity how you would travel forward in time but to go backwards we have no idea... but also going really fast isn't technically time travel

      also let's say it is going super fast... could you tell me what happens to the Lorentz (the variable for calculating time dilation) when we go the exact speed of light? (the only way for us to actually travel forward in time relative to others)

      i'll answer that... it's undefined or infinite... maybe because going the actual speed of light requires dam near infinite energy

    • when we go the exact speed of light?
      186k miles/second. it's very much defined

      and your answer still doesn't really address the question you asked about aging during time travel. Age during time travel, which as all theorists on time travel have stated, is unaffected by going through time. Time is relative to one thing the amount of time spent alive. So a 34 year old who travels 200 years into the past or 200 years into the future is still 34... their future self might be 234 years old but the traveler does not age (again as a reference back to the future... you go into the future and there is a future you who is older but the traveler is the same age)

  • Actually a time traveler would age particularly because traversing the timeline has a tangible effect on all physical elements within the timeline itself. To that end if the entity exited and re-entered the timeline their body is still susceptible to whatever effects time could have on them including being effected by relativity or damaged by environmental effects, all of which only happen within a timeline.


    • this sounds scientific but dude... nobody knows what you just said whatsoever non of that is proven or even a fraction of a fraction known

      you basically said a "belief" like a religion or a movie plot

      but i do like the idea that your body ages with time but you mind doesn't although this is completely made up it's still interesting

      i am doing a high level degree in which i've done a lot of physics... and none of what you just said actually exists nobody even knows what time is but only knows how to use it with math... a lot like gravity but much less known

      because (ima rabble for a second completely off course) there is actually a scientific study going on right now learning about gravity we have discover it is a wave and actually have a device trying to measure those waves now

      as for time... we have ziltch

    • Well saying "we don't know so ha!" is kind of self-defeating when posing a philosophical question, isn't it?

      Besides it's actually easily provable.

    • how could you easily prove it? do tell i'll ask my physics professor doing research to start immediately!

      and saying we don't know isn't really self defeating it's just how science works
      just because we don't know doesn't mean it isn't fun thinking about it

  • This is too complicated to type a response 4. Maybe like a coherent discussion at like a nice round table with cheese n wine.

    • fuck yes... bring me cheese i got a bottle of wine in the fridge waiting for something like this

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    • I don't think finding friends means ur desperate. It just means ur looking 4 some fresh perspective. And it's not like ur searching 4 people. It's just like ur down to talk to people u never met b4

    • well everyone is desperate to have friends or to fit in somewhere just depends on how desperate you really are

  • Have you watch Doctor who bro?

    • yeah but it's pretty closed minded

  • Think of the guy as being in a bubble, as hours pass in the bubble it doesn't matter where in time it is he would still age as normal. Time is just a location would you age differently at one side of the room as opposed to the other?

    • well... actually you do age differently in different scenarios
      in your frame of reference you'd be the same but to others not so... before you... relativity

      also perhaps you would age but how would you know you are aging if you had no frame of reference? being outside of time means you cannot distinguish when time is passing... now perhaps your aging body would be a frame of reference but to you is it not possible you would perceive a second as a million years and a million years as a second? you have no reference point so you could not tell

    • good answer tho

  • It depends how you travelled through time. If you physically moved your current body backwards or forwards through time, the process would age you by how long it took to travel. When there, you'd age normally.

    If you went back and gave yourself knowledge, it would create a paradox. Since paradoxes don't exist, you'd be giving a different you the information and the you that you experience wouldn't change.

    • so i won't really get into an argument with you but the basic ending to all these discussions is my issue with people putting up rules on something they have no idea even the most basic idea for

      nobody knows if paradoxes exist or anything about time

      nobody has any discussion on here that has anything to do with the actual philosophy and only ideas made up

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    • well i'm doing an electrical and wanting to do a physics degree for my masters... mostly because eletrical degrees go more into physics than almost all other engineering degrees so i found out it's super awesome

    • That's really cool, well best of luck in your endeavours.

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