Fundraising ideas for BIG money?

working on my girlscout project to help a hospital and if you guys have any ideas for fundraising to make a lot of money, that would be great


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  • BIG money n quick? difficult... unless u win some big prize... or lottery... or... rob a bank :p


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  • I tell you people really go for lot of Hoagie sells
    You can sell large size pepperoni rolls
    Yeah it's Summer months people don't want cook
    it's hot outside so i would say either pepperoni rolls or
    Hoagie sells.

  • Concerts have big returns, especially if you can get the bands to donate their time. Something in the area of $100,000.00 to $200,000.00 in profit. If you need help on it let me know that is one of the things I do.

    • interesting, but would bands be willing to donate their time? and if they dont, then what is the expenditure rate on average? Also wouldn't it be necessary to pay the location of the ground of where the band can play? Im just curious how all that would make profit?

    • Some bands are willing to donate time, it's a matter of phone calls, also venue (location) may also donate some or all. The numbers for a show look like
      $150,000.00 for a headliner
      $5,000 to 10 venue
      10,000 lights sound etc
      15000 other
      25,000 promotion
      210,,000 out of pocket

      $60.00 a head tickets x 5,000 tickets 300,000.00 return profit 90,,000.00 but whatever you can get donated will increase the profit, also much of that can be paid for AFTER ticket sales

  • Community fairs with games and stuff? :)

    • haha alright, do you know if that would cost more than I would be able to make?

    • Good question. I'm not too good with economics; sorry. xD :(

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  • Maybe you can call up some chain stores that sell deserts to kids and ask them if they have any fundraising programs. I know kernels does this.

  • Maybe a charity raffle or silent auction and see if places in the community will donate items.

    You could also see if you can possibly set up a charity walk/run race thing.