Anyone here in graduate school? I'd like your advice please?

I am applying to graduate school in science and I have general questions on what it is like and how I can get in. If it's reasonable to support a dating life in grad school.


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  • 1. You can date in grad school like you could at any level. You just need to be honest about your ambitions and time.

    2. It depends on the school you are applying to. Getting in rarely is the same for any given set of schools but usually having an impressive track record in your area of study is a good way to go.

    • I will just have to trust mine is good enough for somewhere at least

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    • Thanks I'm not used to you give helpful answers than you man!

    • Yeah, now I feel icky. :/

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  • You can even get married in grad school. But you'll probably finish later.


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  • I would just drop out and get a job

    • Maybe you're right. I could get work experience instead

    • I get work experience all the time. I went to a shitty trade school. learning on the job is a lot better after so much schooling. I am only 20 and able to say how good/bad extra education could be. tuition, assholes, money/debt, homework, family, it adds up fast.

    • Grad school doesn't cost anything though but maybe I should get work experience i I can't make it in. I'll see what Ivan do