Going to my crushes house?

So my friend asked me to come over. We have a flirty friendship and I know that he wants sex but I'm not stupid I know how to tell him no. I'm just not sure what his FULL intentions are. I know he wants to hang out, smoke some weed (I already told him I font smoke) and just chill. But I don't even know what to really expect. Plus I have no idea how I'm gonna get to his house. Meant ask mom cause she's not gonna let me go to a boys house. None of my friends can drive without a licensed driver, I'm in the process of drivers Ed and plus I have band camp, and volleyball camp and he has football so I don't know how we are gonna work this around our schedules. But I really wanna hang out with him before school starts


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  • Maybe just hang out with him during the day somewhere near you


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  • I think this is an example of the universe saying ~don't go over there~

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