When you were little what did you want the do when you grew up?

I wanted to be an Olympic champion runner


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  • In a lab, creating retro viruses.

    • What's a retro virus?

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    • Thanks Quentin.

    • Thanks @Quentin

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  • At first when I was like 9 I wanted to be a volcanologist, the later at 11 my interests changed to astrophysicist - yup, lot of things wrong with me 😅

    • They both seem like really cool jobs 😊. What do you want to do now?

    • I'm studying international Business & Management but hope to do something in the creative field as like a creative director or smth later

  • i wanted to be an artist, then i realized i can draw for shit, so now i aspire to become some sort of nurse, not sure which area quite yet though

    • I wanted to be an artist for a little while too, what do you like about nursing?

    • I like the thought of helping people get better and feeling as though i contributed into saving a pesons life. I want a career which allows me to help people and see them smile something rewarding

  • I wanted to heal people and become a doctor..
    Now I don't.