Any anime show about family drama?



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  • I'm not really sure what you mean with "family drama" do you want something that's family focused or that something that just has a few family flash backs?

    so. . . uh you could check out grave of the fireflies, michiko & hatchin and maybe even ranma 1/2 because drama is caused by family. . . well one family member anyway


    • Thank you!! Tbh anything family related and some drama. :D

    • no worries. . . hmm *rubs chin* You could try Karin (no drama but her family is different) , Elfen lied (kind of about family/belonging) Devilman (his mum gets killed but that's it for family), Afro samurai (I haven't actually seen it)

      Neon genesis evangelion (best father and son relationship ever *sarcasm intended*) Girls und panzer (features sibling rivalry towards the end) Soukou no strain (sibling rivalry again)

      That's all I can remember, if you're willing to read some manga you should check out "hive" it's highly recommended

  • Baccano ^_^


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  • aishiteruze baby
    it's about a little girl whose mom can't take care of her so she sends her to a relative's home and there they decide to give the responsibility of taking care of her to this son of them who is quite careless and doesn't do much to teach him take responsibility and grow up. it focuses on the events and the life of the involved ones.

    • Ahhh that sounds cool, thank you!!!:)

  • I don't know, but I'm just answering so I can come back to this question later and find anime to watch

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