Which cities would you like to visit or re-visit some day?

1. Tokyo
2. Osaka
3. New York
4. Sidney
5. Brussels
6. Boston
7. Hong Kong
8. Kuala Lumpur
9. Ganzhou


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  • Mine would be Visits as I want to make a list of places I've never been yet:
    1. Sapporo, Japan... I want to experience some Ainu culture
    2. Hleschava, Ukraine... I want to see my ancestral homeland and meet family that I know are still there
    3. Durban, South Africa... I have friends there, and haven't been to their home towns yet
    4. Hong Kong... my first childhood friend is from HK, moved back when we were teens and I would love to see him again
    5. Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan... just because it looks rugged and full of history
    6. Nuuk, Greenland (Denmark) ... the honeymoon I wish we could have had to watch the Northern Lights and keep warm
    7. Fort Bragg, US... to pick up as much sea glass as would be allowed!
    8. Alexandria, Egypt... again, for the history
    9. Christiansø, Denmark... saw this featured on a travel program and have never gotten it out of my head! I just want to ride my bicycle all day there.
    10. Dubai, UAE... because it just looks so glorious, posh, and exotic, I'd love to dress up and take in the luxuries

    • MHO because you put the reasons why in your answer. It's nice. :)

    • Oh thanks! I'm not gonna lie, I actually spent about an hour on this answer because I was staring at a map of the world and looking around at where I might like to go, then I'd Google-search an image of the city just to be sure it was exactly what I thought it was. LOL!

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  • I would like to see New Zealand one day

    • Me too. An acquaintance of mine lived there for years. He showed me loads of pictures and video material. It certainly piqued my interest.

  • No cities in mind just countries and certain parts of them.

  • brussles. the food is good.

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