This guy is steady coming to my apartments?

This guy I feel threatened by last year is still coming to my apartment the last time was in December. He knows somebody in another building but he choses still sit in my building lobby. I have called the police on him like twice and he still does the dumb shot. Why, m


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  • Have to keep reporting to police till they do something about him.


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  • You might report him for stalking.

    • Like don't he get it

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    • I'm not sure but he decided to hide his face when I was looking at him but I recognized him. I am not understanding why he just thinks okay. I don't mind he visiting whomever lives there. But him sitting in a lobby dark in all black being on the phone looks suspect. Then after I left he walked out behind me 1 minute later. I guess he realize I was going to call the police on him again. Your thoughts?

    • The janitor might make it clear that he is trespassing, if he enters the building.
      Just taking his picture could make him feel uneasy.

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  • I'd take out an Avo asap
    Keep calling the police when you see him and be very careful
    It's better to be safe than sorry. I don't want to scare you but honestly you never know what people are thinking or are capable of
    As well as telling the police maybe tell a friend or family member or neighbour

    • Yeah I don't know what his issue But he he need to cut that shit out. He is just being stupid