What can I do to my neighbors as payback for turning on sprinklers on my car?

I live next to a contested area with a elementry school and church. It can be nearly impossible to park in front of your house so everyone in the niegborhoof parks anywhere that is free. Anyway, I park my car in any location but today. This jerk sprayed my car with recycled sprinkler water after they landscaped. We live in a city where it's not legal to wash your car on the street so everyone is obligated to wash their car at a service or self car wash. I recently washed my car 5$ last night so I'm irritated. This has happened 4 times before in the last 6 months. How do I approach this debonkle? I know it's silly to be annoyed but I'm sure there are others who get annoyed with silly crap like this to.


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  • Absolutely nothing

    • Figured it out and it's legal;) anonymous tip that they're watering their lawn everyday. I live in California and the water shortage has caused evasive action. Basically residents can only water lawn Tuesday and Saturday. I hope they DONT get too upset with their 1000$ fine๐Ÿ˜ˆ

    • That's fine, they can take it to court easily

    • They could but why mandate new regulations about water supply if they do t follow them. They water their grass everyday which they are not suppose to do. But hey whether it's a fine or not I'm sure they'll get what they deserve hence the ๐Ÿ˜ˆ