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I had my second peirced earing on for 6 weeks took it off after that and suddenly couple days later it started ti close. I inserted another earing and it wouldn't go through it would hurt a lot like i was being pinched. I only got one earing back in my ear, the other ear I'm having hard time with.


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  • close after a couple of days? weird...

    i had a piercin 6-7 years ago, and took off my earring 4 years ago. still it;s visible :|

    • Cause, mine is still fresh. I went to get it professionally done and said to clean it for 6 weeks after 6 weeks I took it off now it's painful to put it back on.

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    • I don't know, me, myself if sensitive maybe I have sensitive ears cause there's a lump and its sore.

    • oh man, guess u should talk 2 those who pierced yer ear so they could give u some suggestion

  • I wouold go back to shop and ask for advice


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