You are on vacation for two weeks, someone you have a complicated relationship with texts you after not talking to you for seven days?

They had called you before you left to say bye. You guys had gotten into a huge fight before but you accept it. Seven days of no talking later, they text you and say they miss you but they want you to be happy... How do you feel?

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  • I'd be like uhhh why are you texting me.

    • lol CAUSE I CAN

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    • He never responds to my texts though. The whole story is a bit long so yeah

    • you can message me if you like? just because he doesn't respond doesn't mean he didn't read them. maybe needs to cool ott. if you did text at least your trying. .

  • I wouldn't reply.

    • Why?

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    • How long would they have waited?

    • If I had gotten into a huge argument at least 2 days later I would've expected some sort of message or apology.