Reasons I hate da police. good or bad?

one time i called da police cuz a guy tried to jump me and i hit him in the throat and he was chokin n shit. police showed up to the scene and this fucka jump out with the k9 and the shit start runnin at me!! i try to run and the cock suckin blue uniform mothafuckas tazed me like wtf? im tryna sue them shitlinks but the case been processing fo like 8 month now bruh

also them quans be harassing me every time i walkin down da street like these quans be asked me if i had any drug on me once and threw me on da car im like yo im only 14 and then he got all mad n shit almost crushed my ribs yo i swear his fatass almost kill me

finally i was walkin 2 skool and i talked 2 my cousins fo a bit (they wus sittin on their steps) then them fools roll up and act like its a drug deal smh. told us to get on da ground and then they lined us up and shit and search us fo no reason. my girl wus wif me and dis cop was tryna get all touchy with her bruh and i was like ima sue yo ass for sexual assault then the fat one came up screamin at me and kicked me or somethin (i was on da ground) cuz all i felt was a hard thing hit me in da leg

all deez experiences were THIS YEAR and dis why i hate da police
deez good reasons or bad reasons to hate them?


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  • They SPEED. Look, people like me do our best to follow the speed limits. Even when I accidentally get 2 or 3 over, I feel guilty and start hitting the brakes. The speed limit is the maximum permitted speed under ideal conditions.

    Yet, cops think that just because they are in a position of power, that they are justified in breaking speed limits. People have died because of cops going 113 in a 45. Moreover, what message does that send people? That speed limits are just there for revenue. So you think people are going to respect them when you send out that message.

    Speeding cops are partly the indirect cause of these tailgaters I have to endure when I choose to follow the speed limit.


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  • Holy crap that's awful. Are you black? Sadly that by itself could be the reason why you've had bad experiences with the police, especially if you live in a segregated neighborhood.

    Honestly the best thing to do would be to learn the law yourself. There are many ways in which the law can be on your side, but it's not going to help you at all if you don't even know it. Know what the police can and can not do, know when they are stepping outside their lines of authority. Knowledge is power. And who knows, maybe you'll be really interested in it and become a policeman yourself one day. We need more good cops.

    • 99% of people would call me black though im mixed, and i don't even live in a bad neighborhood. though some of the nearby neighborhoods have gang activity and stuff. id love to have a police office job where i get to fire all the shitty cops :)

  • Not as bad as your spelling.

  • You should move to Hollywood and apply for a job as a script writer.


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  • I think you have a valid reason to hate the police. I hate them because I get pulled over like every time I drive my dad's Range Rover. They always think I stole it. Also, I was 1 f*cking minute late putting money in the meter in NYC and one of those bastards gave me a $250 ticket

      i feel u bout them fuckin $250 dolla tickets bruh, meter maid mothafuckas... my dad keep a whole bucket of quarters cuz he been fined like $5000 over the years from that shit.

    • It's happened to me 3 different times. Apparently if a teenager is driving an expensive car they assume it's stolen. Ik. I almost knocked that meter maid out. I was late because I was pushing my brother in his wheelchair and that c*nt still gave me a ticket

  • Anyone else understand a word on here?

    Bring out that tazers.

    • u must not b very gud at communication if u can't undarstand dat mang

  • lol wtf did I just read

    • u read about police treatin me like a mothafuckin piece of SHIT