What is this suppose to mean?

What is this suppose to mean?

I see many people posting this and people being able to relate. But i really don't get what this is talking about. Anyone knows?

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  • Yep... this pretty much is how I feel whenever I'm depressed. Sometimes when I'm really sad, you know? something upset me and I was sobbing, but I suddenly thought to myself through tears that I didn't feel sad anymore. Or more like, I didn't know what that felt like. I was still feeling it. It was.. very strange.

    • That sounds ofd

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    • Yeah. Possibly because i never felt it b4

    • okay cx just wasn't sure of 'ofd' was like
      a slang i didn't know, haha.

      Yes, probably. The thing is, it's REALLY hard to understand how other people might feel if you've never felt it yourself, so that's understandable. I'd say though that it's important, even if you don't understand it exactly, you know that it likely means the person posting it isn't in the best of spirits, and a nice message might help them.

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  • It is a bit like mild depression just feeling a bit numb, out of it.


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  • It's basically when your emotions are to confusing to register I guess

    • Hmm you must be unto something

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