How do you feel when you realize you just missed someone?

I don't mean as in the "Oh poor pity me" I miss them type thing but like the actualy "damn, I just missed them" as in, they got away before you could get to them.

Well, I was just on Fb, doing some messaging, and, well, I had been looking for someones profile for quite some time. There it was, popped up there on the screen, so I clicked on it and sure enough it was the right person. I looked at their recent tasks (what they have recently done via updates) and it turns out that they basically hadn't changed anything since they had signed up for the site, 3 years ago. They got on, to change their profile picture and so, because they're friends with one of my friends, their activity shows as someone I might know. They were online 16 hours ago, doing that, which means I could have actually caught her then. Now I won't know if she'll be another 3 years to sign on, or if they'll sign on within the next day to read my message and or accept my request.

It just really bugs me because I could have caught them at that time, but, I didn't

by the way, if you hadn't guessed by now, that "they", is actually a girl


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  • It is the look of the draw - She will probably get an email notification about your message anyway.