How can I stay focus?

I'm done with the whole finding love thing... So I want to know how can I put my career above love?


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  • That's sad tho isn't it?
    One of the most instinctual functions a human can have giving away for the complexities and mundane of human society.

    A career is suppose to enrich your life , not take over it.

    • I know... But I'm giving up on it... It seem as if the world is like millions of galaxies. you try each planet yet you can't breathe on it... But if you stay on the planet that you can live on... Better life and stability... Plus I have my reasons...

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    • ha sorry , was taking a shower to refresh a bit before bedtime.
      Anyway , well I suppose everyone grow up a bit differently. For us boys in the boys school we didn't think about relationships much , if at all. It has always been a bit of an afterthought to us lol.

      Anyway ah well I don't mean to sound rude but I am quite content with my current beliefs or the lack of it. Maybe another time if god is coming into the conversation hahahaha

    • Okay! That's understandable...

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  • Just think about your career plans and write down what you aim to do but as other have said I wouldn't exclusively focus on one or the other.

  • I've focused on my school and career for all my life now and never had relationships now I'm learning how to balance both...

    • i hope you become well balanced one day..😊

    • Wise course of action Hypno

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  • Plan a schedule and spend more time on your work/studies. That's the easiest way. Set goals for yourself as well and try do things that will benefit you in terms of your career.

    • Thanks! I just did! What would the world be without Technology?

    • @Asker

      Probably very boring :P I make use of technology too in order to keep track of goals and for making schedules. I use this app called Timetable which helps. It's available on the Android app store.

  • do both
    nothing is better than another
    i believe you can be in relationship happily and you can be successfull too at the same time

    • Yea... Sound kinda hard... I think I'm going to stay with work

    • not difficult really
      just take it easy
      do not take things too much serious.
      work and have fun
      they can be done

  • Focus on school and ok you because at the end of the day the person who'll be more proud of you is YOU. Do you for now and let every other thing fall in place. YOU are your main priority right now not someone else.

  • When take the initiative at work.. ask if you can stay longer or take extra work home.. be ahead of the game... find ways your company can save money.. come up with new fresh ideas.. come early && leave late

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