OK I have somebody trying to get me to refer my customers to them as a paid service and they don't know what they are doing?

I'm in a delicate situation with a amateur who is wanting me to refer my customers to them as a paid service though again they are a amateur and have no idea what they are doing. I know times are hard but my customers are valued customers. How should I handle this should I come out and offer to train them for something so they will actually know what they are doing or exactly what should do?


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  • You are going to have to say that they need training if it is affecting your customers

    • Thank you for your advice appreciate it!

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  • Just let them know they should get more experience before u are comfortable with that decision

    • Thank you! The last thing I would want to do in business is burn a customer. I appreciate your advice! :)

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  • What business are you in?
    I wouldn't help them. Nor give any of my business secrets or techniques.
    It takes along time to build. Why give a free ride to another. Let em learn.
    Unless they are paying you big bucks. Maybe have em buy you out and hire you. Pay you a healthy wage.
    Depending on the business.

    • I'm in the entertainment business and basically this person wants me to refer my customers to them to train my customers in a area where they don't even have basic training in them selves and that would be like referring my customers over to a Nigerian scam artist. However oddly enough ironically I quizzed them in a different area of the business and they actually know enough to get the job done on their own only unlike a hourly pay they are wanting to charge my customers they would make a future percentage and one worthy enough should they do their job right in the area they seem to know. And you are right about secrets and techniques.

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