Aren't US students being taught complex mathematical problems during their school level?

I am asking this question because I have noticed English questions are complex and mind freaking where as Math questions are simple in SAT examination.


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  • Where I come from , the math problems in SAT are usually taught in middleschool and in highschool we are pretty much doing pure mathematics... well... we... as in the math nerds... as in everyone but me cos I have failed my family and have to perform seppuku in front of the graves of my dead ancestors.

    However , critical thinking and social sciences really aren't taught that much at all.

    I suppose America isn't building worker drones but instead are building thinkers and leaders.


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  • US students are not being taught SIMPLE mathematical problems during their school level.

    US schools suck pretty bad.

  • At the time they take the SAT most students haven't had Calculus and a lot haven't had Trig. So (I assume, been so long I have no clue) that leaves algebra, geometry - and arithmetic.

  • Australian maths are pretty hard. I have nothing to compare it to though. :P