Are you kind to those who work in customer service?

Are you patient when you have to wait? At the grocery line, at the host stand, at the pharmacy, etc.

Are you forgiving when an employee makes a mistake?

Do you refrain from ordering pizza delivery during dangerous weather?

Are you just generally pleasant to serve?

If you are, BLESS YOU.


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  • I worked in customer service for a few years and I was on the receiving end of some really rude and disrespectful behavior from time to time. Because of that I treat every one working in customer service with the up most respect and I'm quick to call out those who don't.


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  • I feel that I am. I worked in retail for four years after graduating college. Most of the people that I dealt with were nice people, but it was that tiny fraction of jerks who spoiled it for the bunch. I won't be working in retail again anytime soon. I remember how that small minority treated me and I will never treat anyone that way if they're trying to help me.

  • I try to be as much as possible

  • I do since I also work in customer service


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