My former manager aka that woman aka the devil.. ?

... never thought someone would judge one by the color of their skin and decide to hinder their growth because of their personal prejudices. may the force be with her and give her the karma she deserves , yeah?

noo she wasn't really interested in anything i did , would sit on my proposals, wouldn't give me public credit for any good work done, when she would talk to another manager suddenly they would start giving me weird looks lol she was literally counting down to end of my internship and made every week miserable
i wish the pain would go away... sometimes i think maybe if i looked like them it would have been a different experience but i love my skin just the way it is and i can't be prejudice and stereotype all dutch people because of this


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  • I had a friend that said there are only two sins. One is to interfere with ones own growth and the other is to interfere with the growth of another. Her prejudice is interfering with her own growth


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  • So you two didn't get on then


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