Are You Writing Some One in Jail Too?

Are you writing some one in jail too? I'm writing my soon to be boyfriend in jail, I'm very attracted to him, I'm not easily attracted to anyone, so he is special too me. He will get out in 9 months if everything goes to plan. I'm Wrighting him around once a week, I like to draw him a picture too. What kind of stuff do you like to mention to who your writing. What kind of activities do you do to make days go by faster, any advice will help. I miss him, want him back already.
Are You Writing Some One in Jail Too?

I didn't say it was a healthy experience I was going through, that's why I'm on here no need for judgments. I know myself better than you.
Soon to be boyfriend AGAIN, he's was my boyfriend before he went in. He's not lying to me just because he's locked up. He's not asking for money, just friendship.


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  • That is a nice little letter you sent him - Just tell him about your life and interests - He will be interested to hear about your days.


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  • All I can say is have fun being used & abused.

    • That was completely uncalled for @Tiamat. You don't even know that guy. For all you know, he could be in jail over a minor charge or as an accessory who was friends with some law-breaking dumb ass. Don't judge.

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    • Thank you I would have said the same thing to him.

    • Max your very judgmental, for all you know is nothing. You need to judge a bit better. I've been known this guy, he's a friend.

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  • No offense girl, but you sound like you need to get a life outside of your prison-romance :/
    "What kind of activities do you do to make days go by faster" <--- That sentence really concerns me as if you don't have much else going on in your life besides maintaining a fantasy with this man who is behind bars. That's not healthy for a young woman :/

    • Of course it's not healthy, she's a stereotype who is falling into the exact same trap that all too many women fall into, and even you can see it because of how she says things, so don't get on to other people about judging when even you can tell what this is.

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    • @Asker I'm going to be honest with you and I may be wrong but here goes a try anyway...
      This romance seems like an act of desperation. If you had even just two solid, fun, engaging true friendships, a job, or a passion that you could intricately craft: this guy would most likely not be a factor in your life. I'm willing to bet that his distance presence makes you feel less alone therefore the connection you two have has become addictive and even more magnetic than it was before got into all of this trouble. You have got to be realistic about the fact that he simply will not come out of jail the same guy he went in as. This is one of those impactful experiences in his journey that is going to alter the way he functions. Whether it will be entirely positive or negative; you really are too young to be sitting around trying to find out

    • I am afraid that this romance is a disservice to yourself. You have just nearly reached the intriguing, adventurous entryway that is adulthood. For you to be giving such an excessive amount of focus, passion, and determination on this one guy, who evidently has some self-working to do, is only going to impede your own vibrant, rich journey

  • Do your parents know you're writing to this man? Have you looked up why he was incarcerated in the first place?

    This is SO SO SO dangerous, Yassminbrooks! You're only 18 and this guy is already a convicted criminal! You have your ENTIRE life ahead of you and this guy has already ruined his. What sort of situation are you flinging yourself into?

    Ah! I just really cannot stress enough how dangerous this situation is for you. There's nothing that will make this okay. It's such a horrible decision. Please stop talking to him!

    • What she said.

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    • Probation or court? So you don't know? And you don't know who he's making friends with in jail. He's already a chronic offender. This boy is not headed down a positive road. Don't let him take you with him, Yassmin.

      @M_A_X common sense will do that for you.

    • Okay thank you for the concern