Is this depression from summer break?

At this moment, I just want to vent out my feelings, as I am typing this down, tears are falling down my eyes (dramatic, i know) So, summer break is finally here and schools out, the weather is all nice but I now am feeling very depressed. I have suicidal thoughts, they are not really severe they are just passing thoughts through my head, I am really tired during the afternoon, I feel guilty about amall things, I have no one to talk to since my friends are away, siblings moved out, and with parents there's a language barrier

On the parent note, since there is a language barrier, I feel disconnected and alone and feel as if they dont care, which i am hoping they do, so i have been really disattached with them and not talking very much to them. Whenever I talk to my parents I always feel like crying and my eyes start to tear up and i dont know why this is happening.

Also, this is random but when ever i hear a sad song I burst into tears and start crying. Just today i have probably cried aboit five times. And when i cry, and i tell myself to stop crying, i immediently start crying all over.

I have been having mood swings, one moment i will be happy and cheerful then i will find something annoying and be irritated and laah out on people. When i lash out on people, i begin to feel bad and treat them nicely but theyll do something annoying and yeah, the mood swing cycle begins.

Whenever i do chores whether its dishes or folding clothes, i get angry and then start to cry and get sad. Im not overworked or anything, im pretty lazy.

Im usually home alone, my friends text me but i dont feel like talking with them. I use youtube to cheer me up which helps and so yeah. Anyone have a diagnosis for me? There may be a chance that this is just puberty torturing me with its hormones...

This has happened before in the past years, but not to this point, i would usually stop talking to my parents and be emotionless, and i wouldn't cry. Sorry for the grammar errors you see.


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  • You can talk with me if you need someone you can share regarding this I have experience about this 😊


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