Do you believe the mass media TV News etc tell lies tricks and deceives?

Do you believe the mass media TV News etc tells lies tricks and deceives? If you do believe it is true give some examples of why be believe so.

Hummm it seems that for whatever reason I can't respond to any of the comments made here. Could it be that this article raises some eyebrows?


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  • I don't think the one in my country does... they're way too tame. It's hard to explain but if you lived here, you would know what I mean. Swiss people are very critical in this stuff and because we're a small country, it would soon become a big scandal if it turned out the public media was doing that. And because we don't have any private channels (except from small, local ones), there's not really the danger of somebody deceiving people in order to make money or something like that.
    In America, I think some TV channels and networks do deceive people. Certainly not all of them, but some. As far as I know, FOX news has actually been proven to have lied to its audience several times. I don't know too much about them but what I can say is that when I watch a FOX news video on youtube, I do sometimes think "uhm... that sounds rather bizarre" or "uhm... reeeeally?" At least I find the guys who work there extremely dislikable to be honest. I hate how they yell at people all the time, especially if they disagree with them. Everything's constantly a huge warfare. Maybe network such as CNN or NBC also lie and deceive, I don't know enough about them to judge that, but at least they don't invite people only to piss in their face during the show.
    What definitely bothers me a lot about American TV shows in general (be it news shows or quiz shows or whatever) is the fact that eeeeverything has to be a huge sensation. Everything has to be super emotional and people have to be crying and screaming and freaking out and pedophiles and rapists are (apparently) hiding behind every corner and the president isn't just "good" or "bad" but he's apparently an evil secret muslim who wants to take over the country... everything has to be 1,000 more exciting or more outrageous or more sad than it really is. Because of this I found it very hard to watch American TV when I was living in the US. It just becomes too much after a while. And I think that's at least partially why I get at least the feeling that they are deceiving you. But I can't judge completely if that's really the case.

    • All the networks in the US either go along with or tells the lies and yes CNN has been caught no only lying but outright using greenscreens to trick viewers all that is on youtube. All you need to do is search youtube for CNN or Fox News tricking viewers or lying to viewers and the videos will pop up just enter the network of your choice. The BBC was also caught showing building 7 coming down 20 minutes before it fell on 9 11 and they were even sued over it and the guy who sued them won his case that's on there too. As for pedophilia you hit that right on the head they know fear is a great distraction for the sheep and if they were really concerned the southern US border wouldn't have been opened wide up with no checks and bounds. As for US TV shows there are very few I will even watch. They are so fake and far removed from reality it's annoying to the point I can't watch anymore. As far as the POTUS goes I won't even go into that because he isn't even a citizen that's been proven.

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  • They tell you in a way to freak people out. People seems susceptible to it.

    • That is true and they outright lie to their face.

    • The tabloid journalists or any of them in UK are the worst. Fuck Reggie yates and Martin Bashir.

  • Of course I believe that.

    • That's because you are awake.

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  • It's very easy for anyone in any medium to deceive. Treat all media regardless of size or reputation with the same skepticism. The people who work in news media are absolutely no different from you, subject to the same temptations and desires, and there truly are no restraints on unethical behavior except the individual's honesty.

    There are lots of examples of deceptive editing. There are also staged reports and outright lies reported as truth. The most pernicious is selective and biased coverage of similar events based on political opinions.

    There are honest and fair journalists, bloggers, and organizations, but enough bad ones to taint them all. Knowing how it works makes me treat all media with an untrusting eye.

  • I would say it tells the facts of the events but twists them to the view that they want shown

    • You should go to youtube and enter the network of your choice along with the word deception.

  • Yes I believe that... case in point Brian Williams at NBC.

    • True I almost forgot about Mr. Helicopter man and his brave mission and it's interesting how they hired him back isn't it?

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    • My guess is that it had something to due with his employment contract with NBC. No doubt in my mind that he should have been fired immediately. It is amazing that NBC execs did not have the courage to let him go.

    • I suspect they were as guilty as he was.