Sims 3/Help after installation?

Hello! So yesterday I downloaded Sims 3 [crack] and everything went good and I managed to download it and now that I tried to open it and play it this thing came on my screen and asked me for ''personal registeration code'' [sorry the picture is in my language] and I have no idea what code it needs.. I searched on the Internet but didn't find anything useful please help me I really want to play it;-; (here's the screenshot I took )


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  • Turn off your net connection try again

  • If you used a crack the whole point is that you don't need a registration key. The fact it's asking for one means the crack failed to do its job (or you didn't apply it properly).

    • So what should I do to be able to play it? Install it again? Would it work?

    • If you downloaded the game with a crack, there should be a file with instructions. Make sure you follow them carefully. Probably no need to reinstall, you can most likely just apply the crack again. Just be sure to not skip any steps in the instructions file.

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