CPS Drug Screening, 4 days notice before drug test are they serious?

I left my ex in March due to his drug addiction to ICE and violent nature. He has full custody of his three boys under 6. Him and I have a baby of our own on the way and there is an Intervention Order in place.

A Police report was issued to CPS (Child Protective Services) in March and CPS have decided to step in 3 months later.

Does anyone know why CPS would advise my ex 4 days before that they will be drug testing him? Why would they give him 4 days notice and enough time to detox?

They already know that he managed to detox within 48 hours of a drug screening when he was going through custody becuase I told them, why would they give him 4 days notice?

Sounds absolutely ridiculous to me.


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  • As someone else said it sounds like a notification issue - Random drug tests only happen if you are under contract to a company or if you are on parole - If you want to make an issue of it you can ask for his hair to be tested, I think drugs stay much longer in hair follicles than in urine.


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  • My guess is that it has something to do with your state's laws. Do you have a caseworker or anything you can talk to about it?

    • I'm in Australia. I have been told that they do unannounced drug screening so why they are giving him notice is beyond me.

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    • I don't know. I just honestly believe they have to follow certain protocol. Its awful but it's real

    • Id make calls honestly. this sounds like a squeaky wheel gets the grease situation. And document, document, document. There has to be something you can do.

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  • Your concern here is what exactly?

    • Why would they give him enough advanced warning to clean out his system before they drug tested him, rather than springing it on him so that they might actually catch him...

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    • :) Thank you

    • You're welcome
      God bless😊