Have you ever had any problems when trying to cash in on that amazon voucher?

when trying to cash in on the voucher has the site ever held off or tried to hold off on sending it to you? did you have to wait an unreasonable amount of time before you received it? did the the site just not send it to you at all, for any reason? did they convienently 'forget' to send it to you? anything like this. basically, if i have enough points and order one is it a sure thing that i'll receive it or do i have to worry about the possibility of the site trying to cheat me out of it in some way?


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  • You don't have to worry, GAG is very fair, as far as I know, sooner or later you WILL receive your gift card. Usually takes about 1-2 days, at least for me. Never had any problems.


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  • Sometimes takes a day other times two or three but they always get back to you

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