Do you think he knows its me? I accidentally sent a facebook friend request?

A long time ago I created a facebook account for gaming, because I didn't want to add my game friends to my personal page. I was loggwd in last night, and noticed my co-worker wasn't on my list (also my crush) I paniced because I thought I mistakenly deleted him when I was cleaning my list up. After I sent it, I looked up and realized I was in the wrong account. I was like "Oh my god. oops!" so I canceled the request. I was pretty certain he wouldn't even receive the request if I canceled quick enough. This morning I logged in to post a picture of my sims game and he had sent that account that a friend request. I declined his request. Since He's already on my main account that I use for work, family and friends. This account was solely for my online friends whom I don't know in real life. I really didn't mean to send him a request, It hought I had deleted him by mistake. I'm so embarrased. But since my page wasn't associated with my main, I don't get why he sent it a request, unless he knows its me... I'm embarrased.:/


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  • Some people just answer a friend request with a friend request - Just explain to him what happened - It sounds totally reasonable to me


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  • Oh, when you send a friend request, he'll receive a notification on his phone. Maybe he's curious about who you are. Don't think too much about it

    • If I was curious, I would send a message and ask them who they are. Not send them a request back lol. If the request is gone, I would think it was sent by accident.

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    • I'm thinking he knows its me. Mostly because my page has the same games as my other account. But I declined the request anyways, because he already has me as a friend and it was purely a mistake to send a request from this page.

    • Then he probably notices you ;)
      I've been told countless times that guys never notice even the most obvious of things, and if he knows its you, then yea