I'm so scared I can't sleep?

I was up really late last night, so I planned on sleeping in late today. Usually, I sleep through storms and whatnot (I once slept through the aftershock of an earthquake). However, I didn't plan on having a tree fall on my house.

The tree shattered my bedroom window (which is about two feet from the foot of my bed) and took out my living room window. After panicking, I called my parents who are taking care of everything and sent me to stay with my sister.

But, even though I'm not in the house anymore, I don't feel safe. I'm shaking and can't go back to sleep even though I'm physically and mentally exhausted. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do?


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  • You are just experiencing normal shock. It will wear out with time, as long as you don't focus your thoughts too much on the incident, which I'm sure you are. Jist relax, watch a funny movie or talk to someone. You'll be okay. Goodluck


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  • It is a mild for PTSD just wait for the shock to wear off and you will fall asleep naturally


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  • sleep... silly