What are good excuses to call in to work?

I work 2 jobs, I'm scheduled for 60 hours every week and I've been asking my night job to reduce my hours for months now, but they're shorthanded. I'm also moving this week, so I'm completely overwhelmed and I just want a night off.

So what are some reasons I can call in? I'd like to avoid using sick-based reasons if possible; I missed about 2 weeks of work in April because of a persistent fever (yes I literally had a high fever for 2 straight weeks. Never found the cause).


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  • it'd b difficult 2 ask for another night-off i'm afraid since u missed 2 weeks recently... and tellin em da truth, wouldn't take u seriously.

    hmmm do u go 2 yer night-job on foot? by car?

    • Yeah I get there by car.

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    • I ended up just saying I was sick, haha. I got the nice manager on the phone luckily, so it was quick and painless.

    • glad 2 hear this :)

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  • Just explain you are moving and need night off if you lie and are caught out you could be fired.


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  • say you're sick then.

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