Do fathers always blame everything othemselves or other people (mostly men) for their daughters poor decision making and is it always fathers who?

do this for their daughters or are mothers exactly the same with their sons (towards other women or people in general)?

For instance, I remember once dating a woman (Old enough to live on her own) who was aware of my marijuana habits which I only keep to myself (and never force my hobbies on anyone). She didn't care about that but at the same time, she at her own free will got interested in trying out marijuana. She eventually got caught by the police and arrested. Then her father came toward me all angry about her getting in trouble with the law and blaming me "being a bad influence" for her own bad decisions. I never encouraged what I did to her so it stupid how he's blaming me when she's the one responsible for her own life decisions. As much as me and my mother love each other, we're not the typical mother-and-son groups (who are too close) and she was never this pampering toward me.

Is it me or do all parents (especially the fathers) baby their grown daughters?

  • No, obviously not all fathers are like this toward their daughters and towards the boys around her. Mothers are no different with their sons too.
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  • Yes, all fathers are like this and it seems to be only them who are this protective of the opposite gender child. At least the mothers in the modern era are slowly changing.
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  • Yes. all fathers and even mothers are like this toward their daughters and the boys who are with their daughters.
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  • I don't know
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  • None of the above.
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Question edit: Do fathers always blame everything *on themselves* or other people (mostly men) for their daughters poor decision making and is it always fathers who?


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  • If she didn't hang out with you or someone like you then she would have been fine. she is now the type of person that I wouldn't want my daughter to hang out with given her record.

    • It's much easier for parents to blame other people for their children's (especially their daughters) bad decisions, even when that other people was just being himself and not imposing anything.

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    • But the woman that I was once with for a very short while was in her mid 20s and should have already known from right or wrong or know that just because I do it, doesn't mean it's okay for her or other people to follow it. Wheither she wanted to stay with me for good or not wasn't my biggest problem but more about how parents love to micromanage their daughters lives so much even when their daughters are old enough to be independent, live on their own and make their own choices.

    • You were still a bad influence. They kept that stuff away from her her whole life. You out it right there in front of her knowing it was illegal. You are the reason she is there. Without you, she would have been fine. She will have to pay the piper but you are they one who made it possible. Then guys like you wonder why parents dont trust you or want you around. Lots of women in jail because they were with guys doing illegal things.

  • Dude you led by example, she most likely did it because of you. You introduced it to her life whether you forced on her or not. You were being a bad influence. Technically you got her into prison and that's a big woop, probably why her dad yelled at you.

    • No. The real influences are her parents or someone closer to her.

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