Any guys/girls know how to play league?

I'd love it if you could message me and teach me more about the champions and how to use my abilities. I really want to learn how to play so I can play with my boyfriend.


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  • LoL? Oh goodness, what does your boyfriend play? ranked or just normals?

    • im not sure. He built me a gaming computer so I could learn and play with him. He just started teaching me yesterday.

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    • No problem. While you are learning to play, which I imagine you will first be playing bots, you will find that there are multiple roles you can play. The first thing you need to do is decide on your comfort level with other people; if you prefer to be alone in a lane to level up very quickly for instance you will want to be in the middle lane. If you prefer to be supportive then you will be at the bottom. If you choose to be what's called an AD / AP carry you will be at the bottom last hitting everything.


      Or just read this:

    • but since ashe's last update her skill level went up a bit... in my opinion is caitlyn the easier-to-learn champ now

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  • bro, okay there's too many champions to go over so just pick 1 based off your preference, if you like melee, ranged, or ranged support.

    then literally just watch some youtube videos to get an idea and then try playing a game with AI or people. if you suck at video games then this won't be a good time lol.

    • Thanks. I've been reading up on the champion he told me to use yesterday.

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