Anyone know of any accessible online feminist talk sites... I am having trouble finding stuff you can actually sign up for and interact as a member?

like on gag..

I am not really active on line so its possible im not looking properly. I found gag by accident by putting a question on google and it brought me here. I thought itd be easy to find a talk site abouty any topic at all, but notr so much. I found forums where i can look at blogs or femminism being tallked about on other sites. but nothing speciafically feminist. Except one # femminism. I really liked its mission statement and code of conduct..., But I guess its down atm,.

Any tips?


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  • I have a feeling @Ozanne is a feminist - She might know

    • Thank you, @KDA20, I wouldn't have found this question without the mention. :)

    • Thanks:)

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  • If you want to be a nice feminist and talk about equal rights and shit, Then here is fine.

    If you want to be a Feminazi and preach your hatred of men and how they all want to ''Oppress and rape you'', Then take all that bulshit to Tumblr, There are loads of men hating bitches there ;).

    • Best answer ever!!!😀

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    • Asker, There you go, Just the way you are acting, I can tell already you are the latter option in my point.
      You say that, Just because i'm a guy, You hate men, Don't deny it. ''Against my better judgement'', What a fucking bitchy comment -_-... Like i said, There are plenty of lovely feminists on here, Who like to have chilled out discussion about equal right and stuff, But, If you want a place, Where you can let off all that hate you have over guys, Then tumblr is your place. Because noone on this site wants to listen to your misandrist bulshit, Have a nice day.

    • thanbkas fore your suggestion. i did find a bunch of sites on tubular and one i like a lot:)

      its refreshing to hear people talking about current issues without referring to hunter gather society or waxing philosophical about evolutionary benefits of dominant males and large breasted wide whipped small waisted submissive women.

      thanks !

  • Well... not really my thing, but Tumblr has a ton of feminist stuff.


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  • Goodreads! The best place in my opinion for shelving your books, discuss books, and join groups of just about any kind! It's my go-to social site.

    I'm not on any feminism type of groups there, but the ones I am on for the most part are really good because you're engaging in discussion and conversation with readers. So... analytical types. :) I found better interaction on Goodreads because not only can you discuss topics, but you are right there within the biggest book database on the internet, so if someone recommends a book to you at the same time in the group, you can click it right away and add it to your to-be-read list.

    Here's a link if you go to the site and just search "feminism" in the groups section:

    You can try different searches if you want to see if there are more, like "women's issues", and that sort of thing.