How do you feel about people who used or still use (mostly or only) small internet fora with only a few thousand members in total?

I mean these small fora (forums) have only a few yet pretty active members active members might range around 50-70,80 at most), and this person’s usin these sites mostly and sometimes only…without usin internet for sth else beyond this, and if he does, he does it infrequently. Pretty much like livin in internet solitude.

I was like dat many years ago, and thought it was nice, kewl, and all... but lookin back now, I see how much it sucked….. ugh

Have u ever been in a similar situation be4?


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  • There will be some fora for certain interests that will remain small and focused - Larger fora tend to be more jumpy from subject to subject and at times get cliquey making it hard for new members to join in.


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