What to do about my mom?

Completely irrelevant to normal questions here, but I need help. My mom is a terrible mother first off. I truly hate her. I can't stand her and who she is. I have two brothers, one tried running away twice. I tried it a few times myself. The only one who hasn't is my brother, who has autism, and it seems he's literally at the heart of her bullshit frequently because he, basically, can't take full care of himself and express himself.

Basically, my mother doesn't listen to ANY of us. I'm moving out soon and she's aware that the minute I'm out, she'll probably never see or hear from me again for years. I'll only keep in contact to talk to my brothers, if she's the only way I can, but otherwise I want nothing to do with her. My brother is almost always gone to avoid her. My other brother, on the other hand, is really attached to her even though she's a complete bitch. Like she shuts us all out regularly, and he gets really distraught about that. So recently, he's began throwing things when he gets really angry or feels very left out, which is happening a lot now. She hasn't realized that and doesn't talk to us, she never does, but rather threatens us. She's always threatening to hit, slap, or punch us if we do things wrong, rather than ask us not to, figure out why we do what we did, or even talk. It's literally, "Do ____ again, and I'll bust/slap you! I dare you." And get all in our faces. I've actually shoved her away and dared her to fucking hit me then, and since then she hasn't. But my brother, my austic one, is scared of her sometimes and so is my other brother. Our step-dad does nothing but ignore her, my granma literally tries telling me I should mind my business, she knows what she's doing (funny), and I need to stay in a childs place. Like, no bitch, I'm 18 and worried about my brothers. I can't afford for I them to live with me, however. I'm staying in dorms an going to a university I can barely afford myself. I don't know what to do and I would like help

Also, their dads can't take them. My granma blames my brothers an I for all her misfortunes in life (we're 18, 15, and 14, we didn't get our mother fucking pregnant). The only thing that calms the bitch is drinking heavily, which she can't do cause her dumbass got pregnant. Now she's just unreasonably violent and unpredictable as fuck.


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  • Damn. Honestly, I could suggest something like getting others involved but government and foster care is probably not even a better option, it's pretty bad.
    You could possibly set up an online fund, like gofundme or something, spread it around on tumblr if you can, I know a lot of tumblrs that help with fundraising and some for supporting transgender people who are from abusive homes and that's similar--no guarantees it would work, but there are people who get enough donations to fund entire surgeries.


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  • Just look forward to moving out and plan long-term.

    *If university is not to far from your family, you can arrange to have your brothers visit you some weekends.
    *Save up some money so they can live with you. Part-time job, crowd-funding, make your own youtube channel, etc.
    *You can apply to be their guardian if it's that bad

  • I have the same problems too. Just keep lucking forward to moving out as your final chance at freedom, but still try to be there for your siblings.

  • Turn to God because he will help you aka Christianity ❤❤❤

    • I'm agnostic, if God existed in my life he wouldn't give a shit anyway as I am 1) transsexual and 2) a lesbian as female. According to you're God, I'm going straight to hell. So fuck religion.

    • The bible it says " the wages of sin is death" soooo that means when we sin (lie) we are suppose to die and go to hell but God being amazing and mercyful as always he sent his son (Jesus) to die on the cross for our sins. Moral of the story "I didn't choose God to be in my life he choose me" we were all suppose to die but he choose to save the ones who have faith and would follow him even if they can't see him. Your mom may have her issues and you may have yours but there is always someone else in the world who has it worse then you. Even though you hate your home you should tell he you LOVE her because MAYBE just maybe she will change for the better❤❤😚

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  • Just look forward to moving out

    • Yes, but my brothers and unborn baby brother/sister are then left and without me.

  • Call Social Services on her. That's a thing, right?